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This is the official homepage of the Bit 5 Blog application. Bit 5 Blog is software for creating, displaying, and maintaining a web log. More information about this software can be found on these pages.

There is also a project page on that contains further technical information about Bit 5 Blog (B5B). If you are looking for help on installing or using B5B or need to submit a bug report, please visit the project page.

List Your Blog

We would like to compile a list of blogs currently running under Bit 5 Blog. If you would like to see your blog listed, please email with your name, the name of your blog, and the full URL to your blog. Please put "List My Blog" in the subject line.

Compiling a list of blogs will help by:

We can not/will not list any blogs that will violate SourceForge's terms of use. This inlcudes posting or linking to material containing adult content or that may be offensive to others.

Looking For Help?

If you are looking for assistance in installing or using Bit 5 Blog, the fastest method of receiving help is to post a message in the help forum that describes the problem. If someone else has encountered the same problem, hopefully they can share the solution.

The forums page can be found here.

Developer Positions Filled

We have several developers helping with Bit 5 Blog. We currently do not have a need for additional developers on this project. If in the future, a need exists for more help, we will post a request for volunteers here.

Thank you to those who are currently working on this project!

Contact Information

If you have any questions, commments or other concerns, please email the project manager at

Please note that due to a high volume of messages, it may take several days for emails to be returned. Logo

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